Feldspathic Veneers

Feldspathic Veneers
September 04 , 2015 | 0 Comments

Cosmetic dentistry is rapidly moving beyond the realm of celebrities. More and more consumers believe emulating a superstar smile is the key ingredient to social and professional success. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, particularly veneers, these people can attain the smile of their dreams.

Ceramic porcelain veneers give people a healthy, natural-looking smile. Dentists often recommend them to enhance esthetics, restore tooth structure and function, and correct some orthodontic problems. During the last 20 years, tremendous innovation and improvement in veneer technology has led to greater predictability and success rates, as well as lower costs. This combination of quality and low cost has fueled consumer interest.

For many years, ceramic veneers were fabricated with porcelain layers painted on to build up structure. This created a feldspathic porcelain veneer, which was the only veneer available until 15 years ago, when some of the more advanced labs began a new fabrication technique. The new technique actually cured the veneers under heat and extreme pressure, and resulted in a different kind of Feldspathic Veneers, which is twice as strong and long lasting as the older, thinner veneers.

One has to wonder why anyone would use feldspathic veneers. The most common argument for feldspathic veneers is that they require dentists to remove less tooth structure. For that they are the best veneers...


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