The differences between bonding and Veneers

The differences between bonding and Veneers
November 01 , 2013 | 0 Comments

Dental work is as confusing to most people as it is terrifying. Most of the time if something is going on with our teeth, people want to know as much as possible about it before we go into the dental office so we have an idea what to expect.

We will try to make it easier, clear and informative...

Bonding works best in the instance that you need minor corrections to slight irregularities on some teeth. Bonding is used on the front and the back of the tooth as a filling.

It mimics veneers, but does not reflect light the same way due to its dull pigmentation. Bonding also does not have the same longevity that a veneer would have.

An advantage bonding has over veneers is price. Having bonding on your teeth costs less and is a good short term alternative. 

They are also very comfortable due to their incredibly thin composition. Unlike bonding, a good candidate for veneers will have smaller, more spaced out teeth to keep the aesthetics of their teeth proportional to the rest of the facial features.

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