Digital Impression

Digital Impression
November 22 , 2013 | 0 Comments

digital impression clinic lebanonWe all know that no one actually wants to go to the dentist, and some people downright dread it. Patients assume that all dental procedures are going to be uncomfortable or even painful. In an effort to make going to see the dentist a more pleasant experience, Smile Center Clinics looks more like a health spa.

Gone are the horrible sounds and smells, replaced by the sound of rock fountains, massage chairs, paraffin wax treatments, and most importantly virtually painless dentistry. We embrace new technology that greatly enhances the patient’s experience and eases his anxiety about dental treatments.

Laser scanners allow us to find decay that normally can't be seen or felt until they are much bigger. Computerized anesthesia machines allow only the tooth being treated to be numb instead of your entire face. And now a common dental procedure known as a dental impression has an amazing new technology behind it.


old dentistry putty

Every year millions of people need crowns and bridges to replace broken, decayed, heavily filled or missing teeth. More and more people are now requesting cosmetic porcelain veneers to improve their smile. In order to fabricate the crown (cap), bridge or veneer, a physical impression must be taken of the tooth being restored. Most patients cringe at the thought of having a mold of their mouth taken. The putty is messy, tastes extremely unpleasant, and in many patients can cause gagging. This is far from a perfect science and if the impression has an air bubble or other imperfection, it may not be suitable and unfortunately the dentist may have to repeat the process again. The crown, bridge or veneer created from the physical impression often requires additional time to place, could require numerous adjustments and may eventually need replacing.


The TRIOS digital impression solution solves many problems by providing accurate impressions from the start

- Better experience.

- Quick with no discomfort caused by impression materials

- Extra comfortable with powder-free scanning

Digital Clinic Lebanon

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