Gummy Smile Treatment

Gummy Smile Treatment
November 22 , 2013 | 1 Comments

yara singerA smile is considered a “Gummy smile” if a significant amount of gingival tissue (gums) can be seen as a person smiles. Although a gummy smile is considered a normal variation of human anatomy, many people with gummy smiles are very self-conscious when smiling.


Fortunately, these smiles can be corrected with simple periodontal surgery procedures. "Gummy Smile", can be a source of embarrassment for some patients. Delayed eruption and tooth mal-positioning can be predictably treated with respective surgery and orthodontics. In patients with jaw deformities, orthognathic surgery can be performed, but this requires hospitalization and entails significant discomfort.


Gummy Smile: An Esthetic Problem or Something More?
The smile line or esthetic zone – the teeth that are showing when you are smiling – is determined by several factors, including:

- The shape and size of your lips.
- Your facial muscles.
- The shape and size of your teeth.
- Your gum tissue.

Gummy Smile In Lebanon    gummy smile makeover

The optimal smile line appearance should reveal the least amount of gum tissue possible. Gum tissue visible in the smile line should have balanced, even contours that are in harmony with the upper lip. It is for this reason that many people with a gummy smile or excessive gingival display feel their smile to be unattractive, oftentimes feeling reluctant to smile at all.

However, depending on the factors causing a gummy smile, more serious underlying dental conditions could be present. For example, if you have a gummy smile caused as a result of how the teeth erupted and how the jaw developed, you may also have an uncomfortable or improper bite that could ultimately affect your long-term oral health.


Gummy Smile Treatmentsrola saad
Dr. Zalaket will examine your mouth, teeth and gums to determine the extent of the excessive gingival display and any possible causes. This examination may involve conventional and/or digital impressions of your teeth and gums. You may also need X-ray imaging so that the tooth roots and jaw bone can be carefully examined.

Depending on the nature of your specific clinical condition, treatment for your gummy smile could include one or more of the following:

- Same-day laser treatments (in minor cases)

- Surgical lip re-positioning.

- Orthodontics (braces) to move the teeth into more suitable positions.

- Surgical Sculpting of the gingival tissues & bone to create healthier and more attractive looking gum contours.

- Maxillofacial surgery to reposition the bone.

As a result, gummy smile sufferers see more of their teeth when they smile and less of their gums.


For further information about Gummy smile makeovers in Beirut Lebanon, please do not hesitate to contact us or email our clinics.



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