Smile Designing and Plastic Surgery

Smile Designing and Plastic Surgery
January 22 , 2014 | 0 Comments

The most important element of smile designing is not only the color, shape, position, or texture of the teeth. It is beyond the mouth, it is the shape of the face. It is all about matching the smile with the entire face to mask or at least to minimize the negative features of the face (Long Shape face, Round Shape face, Square Shape face, Oval Shape face, and the Heart Shape face).

The best shape is considered to be the oval shape and any kind of smile would match. For example: If someone with long shape face wears long dangling ear rings, that face would appear longer. The same will be true if we place two upper teeth on a long face so we are dealing with reverse negative features of the face. In conclusion there are different kinds of smile designs for every face shape that minimizes the negative and the odd features of the face to give the person a smoother and a nicer look.


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