Preventative Dental Care

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Smile Center staff believes that routine preventive dental care is essential for maintaining optimal oral health at any age. Our preventive dentistry techniques – including teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, and a variety of other advanced procedures – are available to the entire family and can help you improve the aesthetics of your smile while restoring the health of your teeth and gums. Additionally, oral exams and cancer screenings at our practice can help to detect potentially life-threatening issues before they progress beyond effective treatment possibilities.


Periodontal Care
Gum disease can lead to serious oral issues and even pose a threat to your overall health. Periodontal care, or gum care, can help you effectively treat gum disease and work to prevent further periodontal issues. We offer both non-surgical and advanced periodontal procedures based on the extent of your needs.

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Oral Exams
Oral exams can help detect a variety of issues including cavities, plaque buildup, gingivitis, and alignment problems. At our practice, Dr. Zalaket utilizes advanced technology to give your mouth an extensive examination and provide you with the most accurate diagnosis of your oral health.


Oral Cancer Screening
When detected early, the success rate for oral cancer treatment increases significantly. In fact, studies have shown that the chance of survival is about 80 to 90 percent when oral cancer is caught and treated early. An oral cancer screening at our practice can help identify potentially carcinogenic abnormalities at their earliest stages and provide you the best chance for successful cancer treatment.


Dental Cleanings
Professional dental cleaning can effectively remove a buildup of plaque and harmful bacteria from your teeth and gums. Additionally, routine dental cleaning can significantly reduce your risk of developing serious oral issues including tooth loss and gum disease. By utilizing gentle and effective techniques, our staff can clean hard-to-reach crevices between your teeth and along your gum line to help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.


Family Dental Care
Good dental care is essential for patients of all ages. Our doctors and staff offer dental care for the entire family in order to ensure that you and your children achieve your oral health needs with the most effective results. Our family dental care procedures include teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, cavity prevention, and a number of other preventative and cosmetic dentistry procedures safe for any age.


Fluoride Treatments
Much like they were when you were growing up, fluoride rinses are still an essential part of maintaining optimal oral health. Fluoride treatments can help prevent tooth decay and decrease your risk for developing cavities. The medical-strength fluoride used at our practice can also help protect against harmful bacteria and plaque buildup along your teeth and gum line. This quick and easy cleaning technique can be completed in our office during a routine dental cleaning by one of our experienced hygienists.


For further information about Preventative Dental Care in Beirut Lebanon, please do not hesitate to contact us or email our clinics.


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