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Our Clinic offers a number of basic cosmetic procedures in the Hamra dental office, including white fillings, tooth bonding and Microabrasion. White fillings and bonding procedures employ a natural colored composite resin to fill and fix broken or decayed teeth. If you need to fix your smile, our dentists have experience with the cosmetic dental procedures that you need like white feelings, tooth bonding, Microabrasion or crown implants.

As a late 20th century innovation, composite white fillings have evolved into a valuable tool of the dental trade. Old silver amalgams were originally an alloy which included mercury, tin and copper. Due to controversy over the health effects of mercury, white fillings have always been mercury free while avoiding the look of a metallic mouth.

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What is the most intriguing is how many patients have elected to replace old silver (amalgam) filling materials with the new composite white fillings. Creating a shining and natural sense of flow, contemporary adhesive bonding agents allow for the bonding of the composite white resin onto or into a natural tooth. Beyond ensuring a strongly bond, such procedures actually strengthen the original tooth, making it more resistant to fractures and future chips.

Tooth Bonding is a more conservative treatment because it involves a minimum of grinding of the tooth in preparation. If you have especially sensitive teeth, Tooth Bonding could be the best cosmetic option to consider. Beyond basic whitening and bleaching procedures, Microabrasion techniques work well on stubborn and deeper stains. A form of intraoral sandblasting, Microabrasion is painless and allows for the most difficult stains to be removed.

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If the tooth has gone grey and is dead, no whitening or sanding technique will work and a crown implant / veneers treatment will be necessary. Whatever you need to help restore your healthy smile – white feelings, tooth bonding, Microabrasion or crown implants – our dental office has the experience and expertise you need. Our goal is to restore the brightness of your healthy smile.


For further information about Fillings and Bonding in Beirut Lebanon, please do not hesitate to contact us or email our clinics.



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